Tax Reduction Planning

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You work hard to build your business and as it becomes more successful, your taxes go up. When this happens, most tax professionals tell you what you owe, however, they don’t proactively pre-plan strategies to tell you how to pay less. When you team up with Wellington.Group, we'll create a customized plan of tax reduction or recapture strategies by leveraging the IRS Code to legally reduce your tax burden so you pay the least amount owed and keep more of what you earn.

You may think you're already paying all that you owe. We politely disagree.

Contact us now to find out which plan will save the most to reduce your tax bill or recapture money for you and your business. The sooner you call, the sooner you’ll start saving.

Elite Tax Plan

For business owners paying more than $100,000 in federal income tax.

You need more than just a “second opinion”. You need a deep dive into your business operations, benefit plans, retirement savings, investment portfolio, and exit strategies. Our Elite Tax Plan has helped business owners across the country pay millions less in tax, legally, morally, and ethically.

We guarantee the plans will pay for themselves in less than 12 months. If not, we’ll refund your entire fee and your customized tax plan is yours to keep.

Targeted Tax Plans

Real Estate Owners:

Real estate offers even more tax breaks than most property owners realize and very few are mining all those opportunities. This modular plan reveals little-known strategies that pay off with big savings.

Business Operations:

Most business owners work so hard making money that they miss out on legal and ethical opportunities to keep it. If you feel like you’re just getting crushed on taxes, our Business Operations Plan looks at every aspect of your operation to wring out maximum savings.

Retirement Accumulation:

Saving for retirement is most people’s biggest financial challenge. But the tax code offers so many tax-advantaged and tax-deferred vehicles that it can be hard to see which is best. (It’s usually not a 401k.)

And, just as plan contributions can compound into six-figure and seven-figure balances over time, small mistakes in your plan can compound into ticking time bombs. Our Retirement Accumulation Plan guides you through the maze of choices to determine what is best for you.

Exit Strategies:

If you’re selling your business or real estate, you may be looking at your biggest payday ever and likely followed by your biggest tax bill ever. The good news is, capital gains are voluntary and our Exit Strategies Plan can ease it or eliminate it.

Charitable Giving:

The tax code offers lots of ways to structure charitable gifts. In some cases, the tax breaks can be worth more than the actual gift. Our Charitable Giving Plan identifies the vehicles that will make the most of your gifts and your charitable legacy.

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