Wealth Planning and Financial Independence

Newport Beach wealth management services

Certain turning points in your life like the sale of a business or reducing the necessity to rely on earned income require thoughtful planning. Proper planning can help to achieve your financial ambitions and maintain your lifestyle while preserving wealth for the next generation or for philanthropic interests.

At Wellington.Group, we help our clients create a path to the future that intends to bring peace of mind. Our expertise in innovative asset management, risk assessment, tax minimization, and estate tax reduction strategies, purposes to offer our clients a calm confidence that allows them to focus on the pleasures of life: friends, family, and faith.

We begin by discussing your concerns and learning all we can about your financial aspirations and life goals. Then, we'll design a customized roadmap as a guide to help attain your desired lifestyle, safeguard assets throughout your life, and eventually transfer wealth to your beneficiaries with minimal tax implications. We'll also consider the role insurance and estate planning can play in mitigating risk and identify possibilities to diffuse any scenario that might cause you to worry.

As your wealth grows and your circumstances change, we'll adjust this plan accordingly so that your family may be financially protected in the years to come. Together, we will help plan for all of life’s events – the expected and the unexpected.

Tax-Efficient Wealth Management

Many investors can’t tell if their investments are right for them. Our asset management strategies are intentionally designed to increase investor’s confidence in their portfolios by analyzing investments according to the four performance factors: Security selection, costs, taxes and trust in your experts.

Our personalized portfolio construction focuses on investments with a value tilt, in dominant, highly innovative, greatly loved companies that are on the right side of long-term trends. Our fixed income portfolios are broadly diversified with relevant considerations for credit quality and duration.

Our innovation focuses on the behavioral and emotional aspects of investing while attending to analytical and quantitative considerations. Our unique risk assessment provides an accurate as well as intuitive risk profile for investment recommendations. This helps investors avoid the most common mistake of mistiming the market due to fear or a lack of trust.

Summary of benefits:

  • Second Opinion Reviews
  • Open Architecture
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Multiple Portfolio Choices
  • Multiple Risk Management Strategies
  • Reduced Costs
  • Low Turnover
  • Tax Lot Harvesting
  • Full Transparency
  • Performance Reporting
  • Retirement Plan Assessments
  • Insurance Guidance

Further information provided upon request.

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Assets under custody with Charles Schwab. Investment Advisory Services are offered through Boustead Capital Partners, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Boustead Capital Partners and Wellington.Group are independent of one another and can only transact business in states where they are properly licensed, registered, or exempt by regulation. Registration with the SEC does not denote a certain skill level or guarantee the success of any investment strategy. Investing in securities involves significant risks, including the risk of loss of the entire investment. Certain options strategies we employ may include the use of leverage and may create increased risk for loss of principal or limited capital appreciation. Our portfolio risk management process includes an effort to monitor and manage risk and should not be confused with and does not imply low risk.

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